Active Learning Abroad


  • . Pre-departure support: ALA staff will advise our students on main matters before they depart to their final destination. Practical and official information on country and city of program will be provided as well as guidelines on visa procedures.
  • Airport reception: ALA staff will be waiting for students at the appropriate airport, on the designated day, and at the arrival time.
  • Transfer to housing:ALA will provide transfer to students’ designated housing.
  • Housing: ALA will provide different types of housing for students to choose from (depending on availability).
  • On-site orientation: ALA will provide a comprehensive orientation to inform students about their wellbeing, local customs, and the local city specific. Registration, Tuition and Official Transcripts. Access to university services.ALA students will have access to regular university services such as libraries, sports facilities, computer labs and others. Upon request ALA will provide local Medical insurance to Students.
  • Personalized advising: Our staff will pay close attention to all our students and provide advice to guarantee a smooth adaptation to local culture and to solve possible academic and/or personal problems.
  • Cultural Activities: Students will participate in a series of programmed cultural activities that will help them become familiar with local customs and traditions.
  • Immersion activities: ALA will provide conversation sessions with Spanish students to practice the language and know more about Spain, and also volunteer opportunities for students who want to do this philanthropic activity.
  • Excursions: All semester, year, and summer students may participate in ALA’s programmed excursions