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ALA provides study abroad programs to North American students at local officially recognized universities in four cities in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Salamanca and Seville), and Specialty and Faculty-led programs at our Academic Centers in Salamanca and Madrid. ALA also offers other academic programs to international students from all over the world. Academic rigor, customer attention and wellbeing of participants are our three main considerations when constructing our programs. Already, thousands of students have had the opportunity to experience, and benefit from, our programs and related services.


With many years of experience in the field of international education ALA provides a solid academic environment, plus cultural opportunities for our students to immerse themselves in the daily life of our local communities. In addition to providing excellent academic programs we also show students life beyond education in a foreign country by opening their minds to a globalized world. From the health and safety point of view we always follow instructions provided by the Department of State and NAFSA, and put into practice their guidelines. Our experience over many years has shown us the importance of keeping our students safe and avoiding concerns to for their parents. We provide complete orientation sessions so our students are well informed of what to do in every single situation. Our emergency phone is 24/7. We have a professional and dedicated staff with experience in all aspects of study abroad. All of them have participated, in one way or another, in international/study abroad programs and know what means to be in a foreign country living in a different culture. Our staff is at our office, not only to help and guide students, but also to participate in our cultural activities and to becomepart of our students’ experience in Spain.


To provide excellent and affordable academic programs, and to contribute to the professional and personal development of our students in a globalized world.



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