Active Learning Abroad

Emergency Plan

ALA Emergency Plan

ALA is constantly informed and updated with relevant information related to safety in Spain. We are in close contact with the US Embassy in Madrid. They inform us of any important information in terms of safety for American citizens. ALA is subscribed to the State Department's travel advisory list and receive all announcements about Travel Warnings and Advisories. We are also in contact with local Spanish authorities so, additionally, we also have internal recommendations from the Spanish National Government, the Regional Governments of Spain and the local city halls. We also are in close contact with other colleagues and follow up on SECUSS-L for other recommendations and suggestions. Our Resident Directors assess the local situation in their cities and are well informed and updated on matters related specifically to their cities.

Pre-Departure Information & Onsite Orientation

All ALA students receive thorough pre-departure information and an onsite orientation. Health and safety information is very important and we go over it in detail so our students are well informed on this relevant matter. Local emergency numbers (police, fire brigade, ambulance) are provided to our students as well.

In the unlikely event of a national emergency situation in Spain:

  • ALA staff will contact our students to make sure they are accounted for and safe.
  • ALA staff will provide our students with the most update situation and provide them with appropriate instructions.
  • ALA staff will contact the US Embassy or Consulate to receive their recommendations
  • ALA staff will contact national, regional and local official Spanish governments and agencies to receive theirrecommendations
  • ALA staff will decide, taking into considerations all official recommendations, the steps to take
  • ALA staff will contact US home institution and inform them of the situation in Spain
  • ALA staff will contact parents or tutors (people designated as emergency contacts) and inform them of the situation inSpain
  • ALA staff will undertake the appropriate procedures to ensure the health and safety of our students, this could lead to develop an evacuation plan, if needed, and follow the recommendations from official American and Spanish authorities.
  • ALA will post updated information on its website in terms of maintaining a constant account of events