Active Learning Abroad

ALA Policies

By applying to an ALA academic program you agree to ALA policies. Policies are subject to change. It is each applicant’s responsibility to visit ALA website for updates at
ALA program applications are accepted on rolling bases. Late applications may be accepted, if there is space available, and will have a $150 late fee added to the regular program fee. All fees will be paid in one installment.

Application Policies

Required Application Materials

Submit completed applications and required materials via e-mail to

Application Dates

Please refer to Dates and Prices page at for specific application dates. Please note: ALA reserves the right to close a program prior to its published application date without notice due to enrollment capacity. All application materials must be received by the application date to participate on an ALA program. Also, applicants are responsible for researching and meeting student visa requirements when needed.


Students must meet all of the eligibility requirements of the program prior to departure. ALA and the Spanish academic institution reserve the right to reject applicants once the program has started if they do not fulfill participation requirements.

Payment Policies

Program Costs

Application Fee

All applicants must submit a non-refundable $90 application fee with their application form.

Confirmation Deposit (deducted from total program cost).

All applicants must submit a non-refundable $450 confirmation deposit for Trimester, Semester and Academic Year programs, by the application due date. A non-refundable $295 confirmation deposit is required for summer and short Term programs applicants, by the application due date.

Damage Deposit.

Applicants are required to pay a $300 refundable damage deposit. This deposit is used to pay for any charges that the student may be responsible for during the program. Should the cost of damages or charges exceed the damage deposit student will be invoiced additionally and accordingly. ALA will hold the deposit until utility bills and any other outstanding vendor cost have been assessed. Verification for costs may take up to 12 weeks. Then, ALA will proceed to refund the amount of deposit not used.

Program Price/Payment Date

ALA reserves the right to change program prices. Please, refer to ALA website at for current prices. Applicants will be subject to the prices listed on ALA website at the time a student’s application is received. Applicants will receive an account statement detailing program price, insurance, refundable damage deposit, and any other possible costs (minus the confirmation deposit). Students must pay in full by the Payment Date, which is always 15 days later than the Application Date. Applicants who fail the Payment Date will be subject to a $250 late fee, and may be withdrawn from the program.

Withdrawal Dates

Any applicant wishing to withdraw from his/her program must do it in writing prior to the Payment Date. All notifications must be received via fax, mail or e-mail. Any applicant failing to submit payment by the Payment Date may be withdrawn from the program and will not receive any kind of refund.

Refund Policies

Application fees and confirmation deposits are non-refundable. Students who withdraw in writing prior to the Payment Date are not responsible for final payment and will be entitled to a refund of payments already made to ALA, minus the application fee and confirmation deposits and administrative costs related. Any students leaving an ALA program early after arriving onsite will not receive a refund.

Program Cancellation

ALA reserves the right to cancel or suspend a program as deemed necessary. In this case applicants could switch to a future program session or different ALA city program, or receive the total refund of all fees paid (minus the application fee). In case a student chooses to switch to a different session or program the student will be subject to the prices and policies of this new session or program.

Program Structure Changes

Even though ALA will always try to assure it structure of programs changes may happen. Additionally, ALA cannot guarantee any course selections made by the students. Besides this, course availability may be altered by host academic institution. No refund or reduction of fees will apply, as long as the changes do not alter in a relevant form the original program as deemed by ALA.

Payment Methods

All payments must be submitted in US currency, or in € if previously agreed with ALA and upon receiving a written statement of the total amount to be paid. Payments must be made via bank transfer. Any bank fee or processing fee will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Financial Aid

Students who want to use federal financial aid must apply through their campus Financial Aid Office. The student’s home university will determine if financial aid will be transferable to an ALA program.

Onsite Policies

Arrival Information and Procedures

All ALA participating students are eligible for airport pickup and transfer services as long as they inform ALA headquarters of their flight arrival information 3 weeks before the program arrival date and arrive before the specified latest arrival time. Eligible students will be met at the designated arrival airport by an ALA representative on the program arrival date and will be transported to a temporary accommodation or their assigned housing. Independent living students will be transported to the city center but not to their own arranged housing. Eligible students who arrive after the latest arrival time due to flight delays must contact the resident staff to organize their airport pickup. There are no refunds for missed transportation or lodging. Latest arrival time for Barcelona (arriving at Barcelona Airport –El Prat), Madrid (arriving at Madrid airport-Barajas) and Seville (arriving at Seville airport-San Pablo) is 6 pm. Latest arrival time for Salamanca (arriving at Madrid airport-Barajas) is 5 pm. Arrival time refers to the arrival times as they appear in the airline ticket.

Housing Policies

ALA will always try to provide applicant’s first housing choice, but we cannot guarantee it totally. We assign housing as we receive student’s housing application and payment of confirmation deposit

Housing Changes

Changes will only take place under special circumstances. Only ALA may approve housing changes, and the students will be responsible of any cost related to the change. Costs will be assessed by ALA.

Period of Housing

The period of housing will be from the starting day of the program, or housing transfer day, until the last day of the program, as indicated officially by ALA. Students must leave their housing assignments before noon of the last day of the program and in the same conditions as it was when students arrived. Students will receive specific housing procedures in each city during orientation.


Students will be responsible for any damage produced in their housing assignments. All damaged will be billed to the students responsible. If ALA cannot determine responsibility damages costs will be split among all residents. ALA staff may inspect students’ housing without previous notice during the length of the program, and after students’ departure to assess damages. If damage costs are higher than student’s damage deposits ALA will be students accordingly. ALA may withhold academic transcripts for any outstanding balances students may have.

Behavior and responsibilities

Students will always behave with respect towards roommates, families, ALA staff, neighbors, academic personnel, local authorities…and will maintain their housing assignments in good conditions. Students will always inform ALA staff of any conflict or problem happening in their housing assignments. ALA will intervene and provide a solution to the conflict. Students will be responsible for any costs related to the solution of the conflict.

Each participant will receive specific housing local regulations during orientation. All ALA participants agree to abide by these Housing Policies and to the Local Rules that will receive during orientation.


ALA staff, the host family, the landlord and Residence staff have the authority to expel a student from his/her housing assignment due to a violation of any housing rules or for misconduct. If this is the case the student will not be entitled to be refunded with his/her housing damage deposit. The student will be responsible for finding his/her own new housing if he/she is allowed to remain in the program. Housing misconduct may lead to a direct expulsion from the ALA program, as deemed by ALA staff.


ALA staff, the host family, the landlord and Residence staff have the authority to expel a student from his/her housing assignment due to a violation of any housing rules or for misconduct. If this is the case the student will not be entitled to be refunded with his/her housing damage deposit. The student will be responsible for finding his/her own new housing if he/she is allowed to remain in the program. Housing misconduct may lead to a direct expulsion from the ALA program, as deemed by ALA staff.

Organized Excursions and Cultural Activities

ALA will organize excursions for year, semester, trimester and summer programs and cultural activities for all its programs including Intensive Month programs. Itineraries are subject to change. Students should budget additional funds for specific activities and meals during the excursions, since they may not be included. No refunds or substitutions will be given for students not participating in these organized excursions and activities.

Passport and Visas

All participants need a valid passport and may need a visa depending on the length of the program. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain these documents. ALA will provide support but students are responsible to obtain the specific information and guidance to meet the requirements at any time of their traveling. Non-US citizens must contact their consulate to receive proper information on needed documentation. No refunds will be given to students failing to obtain needed documentation.

ALA Student Code of Conduct

ALA students are responsible for their actions while in Spain. ALA students will always respect other program participants, ALA staff, housing hosts and mates, and any other local personnel, private or public, during the length of their ALA programs.


ALA students must remain academically eligible at the host institution during the entire program. They must preserve full time status, maintain a satisfactory academic progress, and comply with rules of the host institution and other applicable. Failing to abide to the host institutions policies and rules may determine that the student does not receive grades and credits, and even may be dismiss from the program. If a student is dismissed no refunds will be given.
Students agree not to engage in cheating, plagiarism or other actions not in accordance with the expected behavior that both, ALA and the academic host institution expect from the student.


ALA will initiate disciplinary action for any violation of any policy, rule, norm u other set by ALA, host institution, housing provider, local community, local government or other. ALA will also act for any kind of disrespectful behavior from ALA students to any one during the program. ALA has the authority to dismiss ALA students form their programs. If this is the case students will be responsible for any kind of costs related to their participation in the ALA program. Students dismissed forfeit academic transcripts and will not receive any kind of refund.

ALA reserves the right to inform students’ parents and home institutions of their dismissals and behaviors.

Drugs and Alcohol

ALA programs have a zero-tolerance policy related to alcohol abuse. And do not tolerate the possession, use, sale, production, or distribution of any drug or substance considered illegal in Spain.

Violation of local laws in regards of drugs or alcohol abuse will result in an immediate dismissal from the ALA program. These students will forfeit academic transcripts and will not receive any kind of refund. In addition, students violating local laws will be personally liable and responsible of their acts according to legislation in Spain.


ALA students should always keep in mind that safety while abroad is the basis for an enjoyable personal and academic experience. Each student is responsible for his/her own decisions and actions while abroad. ALA strongly recommends a cautious behavior. Students must get familiar with local situations in their city program related to safety with the support, help, and guidance of ALA staff. As a general advice students should not do in Spain what they would not do in their host country. For more detailed information of safety students should contact ALA staff. Safety is one of ALA major topics dealt with during orientation.